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    • Jurek Jędrzejczyk formerly known as Benjamin Mcduffer was forced to move to the United States because of his fathers work at age 12. Before that little Benji was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  He lived a simple and peaceful life. Made friends and played outside often. Family McDuffer moved to a small town not far from Lucid City.  When Benjamin/Jurek finished high school he started medical university, sadly party's and girls took the better of him and was kicked out of Medical University.  That made his mom livid and he was kicked out of the house, he had nowhere to go and he went to Lucid city and just roamed the streets, begging for some change.  It didn't go that well and Jurek was on the verge of dying of starvation, BUT THEN... a nice gentleman came along and not only offered him some food, drinks and clothing but also a place to sleep!  That was the first time in months Jurek felt safe again. All thanks to that gentleman: Aaron Hayru.  Benjamin/Jurek started to improve but there was a small problem, money.  After a lot of job hunting Jurek was devastated.  No one would hire him!  Aaron was furious about the situation and after a lot of talking he managed to get Benjamin aboard the Mount Zonah medical team. A dream came true for Benji. He finished his training with a lot of pleasure and success and was working at MZMC with a lot of skill and happiness.  After a couple months of working a big thing came into Benji's life that would change his life forever... The Shuffler era of Benji. It all began at Swelter Skelter, a big festival in the middle of the desert.  Benji took a bit of MDMA and woke up in the middle of nowhere, he found his way back home but something was wrong he could feel it.  After sometime he started to hear distant sounds like opening a door or footsteps, then some time later it became worse it started to become more violent, girls screaming explosions, cars revving very loud in his head.  The fact that hallucinations came with it didn't make it very easy for him to concentrate, he started puking black bubbling liquid and eventually Benji became a whole different person.  The Shuffler took over, Benji (the shuffler) became more and more violent and eventually he used aggression towards Richie and possessed Mindy too.  The shuffler needed to be stopped so a wizard came along (played by Gunther from EMS), he got rid of The Shuffler but Benji was in a coma due to severe possed injuries. When Benji woke up after a while, the hospital took some blood tests and found something abnormal in his blood.  A black slimish gush that was neither human nor animal.  Hannah advised Benji to go to Humane Labs and Research so they could help him, she said.  Boy were they wrong.  HLAR was a torture chamber in disquise, Benji was thrown into a small cell when he could barely stand, all hair was removed from his body, light clothes were given and no socks or shoes in a freezing cold area. Electrocution, eye poking, burning, skinning everything you shouldn't do to a human was being done on Benjamin. After some months Thomas and Hannah got intel of what happened and that he was busy with escaping HLAR, Benji crawled past the guards due to the fact that Benji couldn't walk without his exoskeleton after the possession.  The alarms were going off because SCP-682 aka Benji escaped. Benji was outside in the glaring sun almost free when 2 guards tried to drag Benji back to his cell, luckily at that Time Thomas and Hannah came at the right time, Hannah jumped out of the car and started to beat up the guards and Thomas quickly put Benji in the back of the car, guards were now shooting at them with Colt c7 's but they managed to escape.  Benji was in critical condition, there was a small chance he would recover.  Hannah prayed and sang to Benji every night while he was in a medical coma.  She is like a mother that he never had.  When he woke up it was a miracle.  He learned how to walk and breathe on his own again and wanted a new life. He contacted Ron the lawyer and changed his name to Jurek Jedrzejczyk. Jedrzejczyk was his mothers last name. Not only that but Jurek got plastic surgery by Richie and Hannah and is very happy. However Jurek is still being hunted by HLAR so he is very jumpy with PTSD as of right now, I wonder what the future beholds?
    • Kurayami Arashi…a man most people consider upright, easy to talk to, and a good man. Unfortunately most are wrong. Kurayami is a broken man. He covers up his gruesome past with the facade of laughter and friendship but in actuality he has been suffering more than most could bear in an entire lifetime.   First, let's go back. Back to before the events that lead to the downfall of the 2nd generation of the Arashi Yakuza.    Kurayami in these times was an outgoing individual. He still had his mother Shizukana and his father Yukan. In this time Kurayami flourished in his youth. He attended the top secondary schools money could buy and had made lots of friends in and out of the classroom. However at age 15 is where things started to go downhill for Kurayami.    One day Kurayami’s father Yukan Arashi had Kurayami sit in on one of his business meetings to be more informed on the family business. He sat next to his older brother Ritchikingu who had been attending meetings for over a year at that point. During the meeting Yukan listed off a series of businesses that were unfamiliar to Kurayami. As Yukan listed the business people at the table listed various amounts of Yen. Amounts of yen were being said that Kurayami could only wish he had. First 14,000,000.00 Yen then 100,000,000.00 Yen and then 500,000,000.00 Yen. The numbers kept climbing. Then it came down to one of the managers of a laundry mat. Kurayami didn’t seem to think much of it but once the manger spoke the words, “the wash is compromised,” he had seen a side of his father he had never seen before. Yami’s father ordered his men to hold the laundry mat manager down on the table. Yukan walked over to the man with a completely blank expression. He drew out an ornate blade from his knife holster and cut off one of the man's fingers. Yukan then looked to Yami and said, “Bad results will result in equal punishment.” From that day on instead loving my father fully I feared what would happen to others who crossed him, even me.   Within a few months the Arashi Yakuza was in a full out war with the Yamaguchi-Gumi yakuza. For the majority of the war the Arashi Yakuza was winning until the day that was known as “The Red Christmas Massacre.” On this day Kurayami’s life was shattered into pieces. He saw his mother mutilated in front of him while he heard her scream and cry out for her husband Yukan. For 2 hours Kurayami sat in front of his mother Shizukana lying dead in a pool of her own blood. Kurayami could still hear the screams for hours. His father arrived soon after and he didn’t say a word but his face said it all. This is the moment Kurayami knew that his life would change forever.   Three years later Kurayami and his brothers were living in a small apartment in Osaka. His father’s empire had officially fallen. Yukan drank most of the day and made sure to keep enough time to scold Kurayami and his brothers constantly. Eventually Yukan was found dead by Kurayami. He had drunk himself to death and Kurayami was the first to find him. After Yukan’s funeral one of his previous lieutenants from the Arashi Yakuza met the Arashi brothers and had them move to Japan to start a new life free of the burden in Japan.   However there is more to this story. Yukan never drank himself to death. The true story is Kurayami spiked one of the bottles his father was drinking from the day prior. As Yukan drank from the bottle not noticing any difference in his drink Kurayami walked in front of him and locked eyes with him. Yami told his father that his drink had been spiked and that he would die in a matter of a day. Kurayami said in the angriest voice he could:    “You never cared for us, all you cared for was the fucking empire built on blood and the bones of others! All you did was push people away if they were not efficient enough for your liking.     “Was our mother too inefficient for you?,” said Yami.   Yukan tried to snap back at Yami saying, “What the fuck did you just say to me? I built my empire for you and your brothers. I built it to protect the people I care about and to bring our family together. HOW DARE YOU SAY THIS SHIT TO ME!”   Yami grabbed Yukan by the collar of his shirt and said in a monotone voice, “I’m only exposing the truth that you refuse to see. You are greedy, self centered, and arrogant. You kill others without a second thought if you think they won’t be useful to you. That's why you left our mother in a fucking hole with the rest of us. You had so much arrogance you refused to think that someone in your own ranks would dare betray you. Our mother died calling out for you and you weren’t there.”   Yukan responded, “I thought I was doing what was best for my family.”   “Being with your family is the best thing you can do for them and you weren’t there,” said Yami   Yukan started to cry and Yami looked at him and said, “Father, I don’t regret the time I have spent with you but the state that you are in won’t help our family. We need change and we need someone who will fix the broken empire you have been in charge of for so long. Just know that your sons will make that change. We will finish what you started but in order for that to happen you must go.”   The last words Yukan said to his son were, “I’m sorry Yami. I wish I could do better but I failed. Grow better than me and move on. Don’t live in the past like I did.”   After Yukan passed Yami told his brothers that he found their father dead in his chair. He stated that he most likely drank himself to death. Yami never told his brothers the truth. Yami instead decided to take on the burden and hardships from now on in order to protect his brothers and the Arashi Yakuza moving forward.   He decided to be the Darkness so that others can see the light.   “Kurayami” (暗闇) translates to “Darkness”
    • New bug report submission from Isabol Hawk Name: Isabold Hawk Bug: I never got a resolution to this. I submitted a ticket in discord (bugs-1854) Isabol Hawk: Steam name: Isabol Hawk Character SSN: 248 Describe the bug: unable to access clothing at VIP Where did the bug occur (postal) 583 What did you do prior to the bug occurring: logged in and drove from Luchetties to VIP New bug report submission from Isabol Hawk Name: Isabol Hawk Bug: unable to access VIP clothing Bug screenshot: Bug screenshot:
    • I have never had to ask for a ban appeal before, just wondering how long it generally takes to hear one way or another. I put the appeal in this past Sunday.
    • https://wh.lucidcityrp.com/forms/20-whitelist-interest-form/
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