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    • New bug report submission from iarle Name: Alface do Mal Bug: Every Time that I open the phone and spend more then 1 minute using it my game crash. Its only in Lucid. I never crash in another city and I dont remember to crash in Lucid Public too. I also cleaned my data and also reinstalled FiveM. When I use the phone the Hud disappear, my Screen turns to black and I crash. This didnt happens with the older HUD. Bug screenshot:
    • Great memories you will make for sure, Hope to see around city.
    • Aaron was born March of 1993 to Eric and Natalie Haryu in Duluth, Minnesota. As a rambuctious little scamp, Aaron was a handful growing up. While definitely a well meaning kid, he was a free spirit and had trouble with authority. Only his parents were able to keep his wandering soul grounded. In his preteen years, he spent a lot of time outdoors on hiking trails and the like and developed a dear bond with nature. In High School, a career day peaked his interest when the local Sheriff came by to announce a new outdoor initiative. At the age of 18, Aaron graduated and attended Hibbing Community College and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. He then applied, accepted and began training with the same Sheriff as a deputy. Unfortunately, the program he so dearly pined for was discontinued. While he still loved the law enforcement like, he desperately yearned for something outside. While drinking a coffee and reading the paper one morning, he saw a national ad. "Lucid City Police Department now hiring lateral officers! Now featuring a Fish and Wildlife beareu for all outdoor enthusiasts!" Aaron knew this was the dream he imagined. He quietly resigned from SLCSO, packed his bags and got on a one way flight out to lucid city. On the flight, he used the wifi and his laptop to apply for the position on his way out to Lucid City, California! Now that the plane has landed, he got into his new apartment and bought a car, the story continues.....
    • Also, I love Nico.
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