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THE FINAL of Diamond Casino Fight Championship

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  1.  $5000 registration fee. Contact @Pippa Spades / Robin Banks 🐒💨 for registration.
  2.  Registrations will close 24 hours before the fights
  3.  The fight will take place at postal 722.
  4.  There will be 3 qualifier rounds, each taking place one week after the other. The winners of the qualifiers will each receive $50,000 and will be temporarily given the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera until the next round. 
  5. Each qualifier round will also have a losers bracket. The winners of each round’s loser bracket will be pitted against each other in the finale to determine the Champion of the Losers.
  6. The winners of the qualifiers and the Champion of the Losers will fight once again in the finals to determine the Grand Champion.
  7. The Champion will receive $100,000 and will permanently receive the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera.
  8.  Fighters can compete in all 3 qualifiers. Loser bracket winners will lose their position if they decide to recompete.



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