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Saturday 08/22/21 5pm EST

A fierce sailor just lost his ship and crew while travelling the seas! He is looking for a team of 5 sailors to take him across the sea. However, he will only take the best crew, so you guys will have to battle it out to earn his respect!

The event will consist of:

Creating a team of 4, 1 sailor and 3 pirates. The sailor has to command the ship around the Alamo sea. The other 4 pirates will have to shoot the members of the other teams. You guys will have to bring your own weapons and ammo. 
Last team standing wins! 

Bring your own choice of weapons and ammo.
No lootings of dead sailors/pirates.

Below are the requirements to enter:

A group of 4 members, 1 Sailor + 3 Pirates.

Preparing your own weapons and ammo.

Paying an entry fee of $40,000

No helmets allowed.

To register your team, please fill out the form linked below. Please ensure that you meet the requirements, good luck to you all! May the best team win!

WINNER TAKES ALL! + 200000 + goodies from local businesses

Any questions or concerns, DM me 



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