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The Race To Chilliad

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@everyone AUGUST 15th 2021, 7PM EST It Would be a Point to Point Race Starting From Pillbox Hill Medical And making its was down the LS Freeway before turning off onto route 68 in sandy They will head down Route 68 before making a right down Joshua Rd Then a Left onto the road passing Stab City From there they will keep going untill they make a left into Raton Canyon after going through Raton Canyon they make a left onto Grand Ocean Highway Before making a left into the lumer yard and up the dirt path leading to chilliad Term and Conditions: -Entry Fee $5000 at registration contact @oi ma brit / @Ben Dover / Banks Robin -Restricted to all cars BUT supercars. SUPERCARS -Register in pairs as Driver and Co-Driver 1st $100.000 2nd $50.000 3rd $25.000 SPONSORED by Lucid Motors If you have questions or are unsure contact @oi ma brit / @Ben Dover / Banks Robin

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