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LUCID CITY CUSTOMS GRAND OPENING, THURSDAY 7pm EST A new repair shop is opening in Sandy, across from the used car lot at postal 941! This shop is unable to do upgrades and instead will focus on repairs, races, car rentals, and used car trading. On Thursday at 7pm EST there will be a grand opening event that will include a drag race, a PD-cleared street race around the mountains, and a used car auction. DRAG RACE: Registration $5,000, bring any car. Tournament bracket, 45% payout to first, 25% to second, 12.5% to third, 7.5% to fourth, 10% to organizers MOUNTAIN RACE: Registration $10,000, bring any car. There will be flights run for cars of all classifications, from PDM sleepers to import Supercars. Each race payout will be 50% to first, 25% to second, 15% to third, and 10% to organizers. You can only race one car! CAR AUCTION: After the races at 941 we will head over to get a drink at the Yellow Jack (949). We will host the car auction in the parking lot of Yellow Jack, so please bring any car you want to auction off! If you are coming to this event you MUST PARK YOUR CAR IN GARAGE I (right next to the repair shop at 941). To register for the event, show up at garage I sometime between 6:45pm and 7:15pm EST and look for the attendant holding a clipboard. There will be shuttles for bringing people to the sidelines of the races. Contact @Percy Hill for details!


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