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Lucid City Bash by Pop Seal

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TONIGHT!!! Thursday July 8th, Pop Seal and the Vanilla Unicorn crew will be hosting a Lucid City Bash starting behind the casino for the MONSTER TRUCK DEMO DERBY where first 12 contestants will fight to be the last one standing with prize pool being $50,000. After the winner of the demolition derby is announced and concluded we will move to the Vanilla unicorn parking lot where 2v2 TAZER TAG will be placed (please park at gas station or in garage by the gym across road) where the winning duo will win 150,000. To end the evening we will have the whole night having a backwoods costume contest where the winner will be announced at the after party at the one and only VANILLA UNICORN NIGHTCLUB :unicorn:. Admission and winnings listed below. Monster truck derby- 4,000 admission 50k winnings first 12 participants only. Tazer Tag- 10k per duo, unlimited duos available 150k for the winning duo. Please have a team name/ name for the duo to be placed in bracket. Costume contest winner- 25,000(this will be for whoever has the best southern costume from the whole event Jean shorts, denim jackets, etc.) After party- 1,500 admission 2,500 for VIP Festivities will begin 5pm eastern.


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