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Hello Lucid City! Fame or Shame semifinals are right at your doorstep! If you want to witness the making of Lucid City's first superstar in person you can buy the tickets right now in the city. Tickets for the semifinals will set you back for $1.000,00 and the tickets for finals will cost you $2.000,00 or if you don't want to miss either of the shows you can get a combo package for $2.500,00. To buy them contact Miss Josette Parks in the city. Her phone number is: 3005339084 Tonight's event will be held at Sisyphus Theater (717). All of the guests attending the event at the Sisyphus Theater will be provided with special hardware that's going to bring them even closer to the contestants. Before the show starts the production team will invite them into a special channel in Lucid City's Discordia and they'll be able to hear the contestants in high-quality sound! Make sure to buy your ticket and ensure your seat at the Sisyphus Theater, but if you are unable to attend the event in person Weazel News production team has you covered. Weazel News will broadcast the whole event over Lucid City's app "Lucid Live". Don't miss tonight's performance!


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