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The First Lucid City FAME OR SHAME. Raja Family Presents

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Raja Family invites you all to join a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If you think you have what it takes to become Lucid City's newest superstar, join "Fame or Shame". New talent show by, Josette Parks, Samson Huckabee, and Sam Sun. All you need is a talent that no one else has. It could be a voice that can reach the stars, An arsenal of jokes that will make Lucid rumble with laughter, a couple of dance moves to shake the world, or even you might want to surprise us with something completely new! You'll have a chance to advance through three stages: preliminary round, semi-finals, and finals. Each stage would be held weekly at different unique locations that Lucid City has to offer. Do you feel intrigued? We haven’t even gotten to the best part. First place will win a whopping prize of $100.000,00 and if you are unlucky enough to get second or third place, we got you covered. With each place earning $50.000,00 and $25.000,00 respectively That’s right! If you are bold and talented enough, you’ll get to take the big prize home as well as the title of Lucid City’s first Superstar. There can only be one first! The event will be broadcasted by Weazel News, and a LIMITED number of tickets will be available for purchase for the semi-finals and finals! You are more then welcome to come down and support and cheer on your friends and loved ones!

If you do choose to try your luck in "Fame or Shame" contact Josette Parks or Samson Huckabee about applications or any other questions you might have!

The first round will be held at Maze Bank Arena (Postal 66) on 12th June 2021 - 4PM EST

Keep your ears to the ground and stay tuned.


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